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Online Private Messages (OPM)

  1. Online Private Messages (OPM)

Online Private Messages (OPM) :: Explanation

Online Private Messages (OPM) is an Inbox that allows you to receive and send private message to other Runboard members.

To create a new folder, select at least one message in the Inbox, then, in the "Put selection in folder..." list, select "Define new folder...". This should prompt you for a new folder name.

To rename a folder, click on it and keep the mouse button pressed for a second. The folder link will then become editable. When you are done editing, click somewhere else on the screen or push the Tab key to save your changes.

To delete a folder, make sure the folder is empty first. Then the "Delete folder" button will appear at the bottom of the screen when viewing that folder.

The "Delete selected" button immediately deletes the selected PM's, without moving them to Trash. If you move the PM's to Trash, the PM's will still be available by viewing the Trash folder. The Trash is periodically emptied by the system.

Regular users can have up to 200 messages at a time in their Inbox folder, and up to 1000 messages at a time in all of the other folders together. Premium users have these numbers upped to 500 and 4000. The Trash folder is not taken into account when counting messages.

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